TED Talks: Shah Rukh Khan returns as host of Season 2 in December

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TED Talks: Shah Rukh Khan returns as host of Season 2 in December

Shah Rukh Khan, considered one of Bollywood's best speakers, has been invited to the US version of TED Talks. The show, which focused not only on the dissemination of knowledge but also on public motivation, made its debut in India last year. With Shah Rukh Khan welcoming him, now TED Talks India is ready to move on to season 2. And reports say it will air in December. TED Talks Shah Rukh Khan returns as host of season 2 in December There have been a lot of rumors about TED Talks Season 2 in recent months. Although the TSPs of the series were considered a problem last year, we learned that critics had received good reviews last year. Considering that the show raises questions, evokes social issues and inspires people in the process, manufacturers are eager to participate in the second season. It is also said that many celebrities like A R Rahman, who was unable to go last season, will be part of this season. If we believe the reports, the manufacturers have already approached Shah Rukh Khan for season 2 and the superstar would have also given a nod. However, reports indicate that the actor gave the manufacturers time in November. It seems that TED Talks will not be filmed like last time, when it was shot in September but aired in December. This time will be shot only a month in advance. The first…

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