The love story of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip: look back at the royal couple’s seven-decade relationship

The love story of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip: look back at the royal couple's seven-decade relationship

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip share a love story that spans more than 70 years. Look back on their romance from their engagement, marriage, kids and beyond!

They are one of the most famous couples in the world and one of the most enduring love stories of all time. Queen elizabeth ii and Prince philip have been devoted partners in their marriage since more over 70 years. The two fell in love at a young age and continued to face challenges throughout the Queen’s reign. The two have been an enduring symbol of the British monarchy, and now we take a look back at their romantic timeline, through decades of marriage, and more!

When did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip meet and engage?

Then-Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten met in 1934 [Shutterstock]Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, first met Prince Philip, then Philip Mountbatten, in 1934. At the time, Elizabeth was just a child, about eight years old, and Philip was not not more than a young teenager. About five years later, the two met again and became friends. “Well, we had met in Dartmouth, and for me it was a really fun experience, getting on the yacht and meeting them, and that sort of thing, and that was it,” said Prince Philip to the biographer. Basil boothroyd, by Devon Live.

In the years that followed, Philip and Elizabeth maintained their correspondence before Philip finally asked Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, for the hand of his eldest daughter in marriage. In July 1947, the young couple announced their engagement to the world. At the time, a writer for The Guardian said of the union, “This is clearly a marriage of choice, not a deal. Princess Elizabeth has won a place of high affection in the hearts of the people. She already does the work of her station with the same skill and tact as her parents. All will wish him the full happiness that a loving marriage can bring him.

Fairytale wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh on their wedding day in November 1947 [Shutterstock]On November 20, 1947, Elizabeth and Prince Philip exchanged marriage vows at Westminster Abbey. It was a monumental occasion, for which almost the whole country stopped to take advantage of the couple’s union in the aftermath of World War II. Princess Elizabeth at the time was joined by her father in the coach who took them to the Abbey, where she met her future husband, who had been awarded the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

The entire ceremony was also recorded on the radio for subjects across the country to hear. Dignitaries from around the world also attended the wedding. After the ceremony, Elizabeth and Philip made an appearance on the iconic balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the subjects. The moment has become a tradition in the royal family, with more famous couples, including the queen’s grandson Prince william and his wife duchess Kate Middleton, appearing for the greeting and photo occasion.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip become parents

Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh with children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne [Shutterstock].Shortly after their wedding, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, then still just the Duke and Princess, set up a house at the famous Clarence House, so that they could be near Buckingham Palace. Almost exactly one year after their marriage, Philip and Elizabeth welcomed their first child together, the heir to the British throne, prince charles. Charles was born on November 14, 1948 and his sister, Princess Anne, was born on August 15, 1950.

The couple lived a very low-key life, outside of their royal duties and events. The two along with their children also spent time in the beautiful destination of Malta, where the young family spent time in the sun and away from British life. This point is considered to be the “most“ normal ”of [Elizabeth’s] all life ”, according to the biographer Ben pimlott, by People. In the years to come, that would all change for Elizabeth and her family.

Elizabeth becomes queen

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1954 [Shutterstock]In February 1952, Elizabeth suffered an incredible blow. Her father died at the age of 56 and it was Elizabeth’s turn to wear the crown. Elizabeth was around 25 at the time, with two young children. Years after her marriage, Queen Elizabeth II returned to Westminster Abbey for her coronation on June 2, 1953. The event marked a major turning point in the couple’s marriage, as they were immediately propelled onto the international stage. with far away more scrutiny on them than in previous years. But through international events, home affairs, royal engagements, rumors and more, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II kept their bond and union strong.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have two More Children

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip welcomed Princes Andrew and Edward in the 1960s [Shutterstock]About seven years after the start of her reign as Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to her, along with Prince Philip’s third child, son Prince andrew on February 19, 1960. Four years later, the couple welcomed their youngest son, their son Prince Edward, on March 10, 1964. In an attempt to connect with the people of the UK, the family of six got together for a 1969 documentary titled Royal Family. The documentary, which followed members of the royal family through different engagements and tasks, sought to give audiences a glimpse of how members of the royal family were like them. Unfortunately, it was not particularly well received and has been ‘banned’ for decades, by CNN.

Their milestone wedding anniversary

The royal couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 1972 [Shutterstock].In November 1972, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated a milestone in their relationship and marriage. The couple commemorated their 25th anniversary, a joyous occasion, for which they posed for a portrait with family members. It was a great occasion, but the fabric of the royal family was to become more strained in the decades to come due to family disputes and the nation’s scrutiny of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s Difficult 1997

1997 marked the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary and a test and tragedy for the royal family [Shutterstock]Although 1997 was a happy occasion for Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II as they commemorated their 50th wedding anniversary, it was also marred by tragedy. princess dianaThe tragic death of the royal family in August 1997 marked a turning point for the royal family. The public scrutiny has become quite intense and both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have had to adjust the way they interact with the citizens of the UK. Through it all, however, their union was made even stronger, which led to one of the highlights of their life together.

Prince Philip retires From Royal life

Prince Philip retired from royal life in 2017 [Shutterstock]After decades of serving the royal family, Prince Philip has made the decision to step down from royal life. “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh [Prince Philip] has decided that he will no longer make public engagements from the fall of this year, ”a statement made by the royal family on May 4, 2017 read. “In taking this decision, the Duke has the full support of [Queen Elizabeth II]. “

But this new phase meant that Prince Philip could support his wife and take on other tasks. “The Duke of Edinburgh is the patron, president or a member of 780 organizations, with which he will continue to be associated, although he will no longer play an active role by participating in engagements. Her Majesty will continue to carry out a comprehensive program of official engagements with the support of members of the Royal Family.

More Over 70 next to each other

2020 marked 73 years of marriage for the couple [Shutterstock]The most important occasion of their marriage to date came in November 2020, when Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 73 years of marriage. A photo of the couple has been released to commemorate the occasion. The union of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has stood the test of time. Through tragedy and triumph they have stood side by side, to more over 70 years dedicated to each other and to the UK.

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