Tom Cruise fans panic after very realistic ‘Deepfake’ goes viral on TikTok – Watch

Tom Cruise fans panic after very realistic 'Deepfake' goes viral on TikTok - Watch

Using Deepfake AI technology, one TikTok user transformed into Tom Cruise for a series of videos that ‘really scared’ fans.

sorry but Tom cruise did not join TikTok. However, a very realistic doppelgänger did – well, sort of. Thanks to technology from Deepfake, a type of artificial intelligence that can replace someone’s face with that of another, many fans believed the Mission Impossible star was actually posting TikToks of himself as the name of “@deeptomcruise” (the name should have been a major clue).



♬ original sound – Tom

Mr. Cruise’s first deepfake video was uploaded on February 22, which showed a fake Tom demonstrating his golf swing. “What’s up, TikTok? Are you cool if I play sports? The imitator said into the camera, tackling Tom’s voice. “Deepfake” Tom even did a perfect imitation of the Risky Business star’s laugh at the end of the video, which racked up nearly nine million views and one million likes.


♬ original sound – Tom

Actors’ acting even arguably improved in the second video, which showed the deepfake version of the Top Gun actor sharing an anecdote about his time in Russia (this video received 1.7 million views). And the most recent TikTok, which was uploaded on February 26, was a very realistic AI impersonator of Tom showing a magic trick with a coin. “I’ll show you some magic. This is the real thing. I mean, uh, that’s all… the real… stuff, ”the impersonator said, apparently mocking the fact that he really isn’t the“ real ”Tom.


I love magic!

♬ original sound – Tom

The videos were so realistic that they actually scared viewers! “Deep scythes get scary and take over TikTok. Each public figure must simply be present with a verified account – even if they do not wish to create any content – to facilitate the identification of their fakes ”, tweeted on one of @ deeptomcruise’s videos, while another person wrote, “I’m really scared of this Tom Cruise deepfake. It’s great, but it’s terrifying. Someone even pointed out that TikTok actually banned deepfakes in August 2020.

TikTok banned deep fakes last year. But then a deepfake Tom Cruise showed up there and got 11 million views.

Synthetic media technology appears to be developing faster than the tools designed to detect it.

– Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) March 3, 2021

However, others simply found the videos to be more funny than worrying. “The establishment is troubled that deepfakes would theoretically allow us to make our own Tom Cruise movies at home,” one of those people tweeted.

The real Tom Cruise has Instagram and Twitter accounts, however, where he shared a viral video of himself surprising his fans as he headed “to the movies” in London in August 2020. Whether or not he tries to do it, Tom has a knack for becoming viral online.

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