‘WandaVision’ finale to have longest episode length of season, new report says

'WandaVision' finale to have longest episode length of season, new report says

‘WandaVision’ finale to have longest episode length of season, new report says

There is only one episode left in the popular WandaVision TV series and new details have been revealed about the finale.

One of the only complaints about the show is the brevity of some episodes, with some of them being less than 30 minutes long.

Episode 8 was the longest episode of the series to date at 47 minutes and a new report claims the ninth and final episode will be the longest in the series.

ComicBook.com reports that the final will right click at 50 minutes, although that will include the credits. The source of the information is a Reddit user who has previously disclosed specific runtime information for other episodes.

Marvel executives and cast members have said the series will be a “six hour movie” and the nine episodes will bring the series to a total runtime of just under that benchmark.

Find out how fans reacted to this huge moment at the end of the eighth episode.

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