Evernote Home adds dashboard to track time

Evernote Home adds dashboard to track time

Evernote was once the darling of digital productivity, allowing people to hide anything from lasting notes to ideas of the day without having to worry about losing them. While the service still works well as a sort of digital filing cabinet, people have moved on to more advanced applications and systems, many of which use pretty, dynamic dashboards. As part of its recovery stages, Evernote is finally catching that bandwagon, but Home still might not be the digital home you imagined.

Opening Evernote immediately throws you into one of your hundreds of potential notes. Not only can it be overwhelming, but that note may not even have all of the details you want to see immediately at a glance, especially when those details need to come from different notes. Home pretty much has a widget dashboard that pulls data from other notes or notebooks, but what you’ll see will …

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