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Facebook puts a portal in a portable place – Pickr

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Many of us have gotten used to video-chatting professionally and in our personal lives. We’ve learned how to share screens, add cool virtual backgrounds and maybe, just maybe find that elusive mute button.

For many trying out the idea of a smart speaker, the smart display can make a little more sense.

Facebook’s take on the smart display gets two more options this year, as video calls and music also comes to one big option and one portable version.

While the smart speaker is a little box you can talk to (or a little sphere you can talk to), a smart display offers feedback in the way of a screen, allowing you to see your responses with an audio response as well, rather than just hear the speaker tell you something.

Smart displays typically provide a digital photo frame for when they’re not active, offer a touchscreen for apps when you’re feeling your finger might be faster than your voice command, and depending on the model, they may even have a camera for video chat.

This combination of what you can see with what you can hear can help make the smart display a little easier as an entrance into smart home technology, and it’s assisted by what else it can do.

All of that certainly seems to be the case with Facebook’s latest.

One of the lesser known entrants in smart speakers and displays, Facebook joined Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub last year with a couple of options, including one that was merely a camera you could plug into your TV.

This year, Facebook’s approach is a little different, with a portable smart display for video chat, as well as one that sits stationary somewhere else, offering slightly different takes on the tech.

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  • Facebook puts a portal in a portable place – Pickr
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