A detailed overview of Manish Arora's new sewing creation inspired by technology

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I came a little closer to the maestro of color, Manish Aroradesign studio and what an experience it was! I've always been impressed by designers like him, who put so much effort and thought into the details of every garment they create. So when I saw the high fashion t-shirt that he had designed inspired from the OPPOF9Pro, it goes without saying that I was completely fascinated.A

At first glance, all you could see is a really shiny t-shirt, but if you take a closer look at the details and design of it will remind you of the same sleek lines of the smartphone. The benefit of being an artist and designer has appeared so clearly to every question we have asked Manish. I particularly like how he says that inspiration was the easiest part of the creative process. The execution of this same inspiration differentiates it from many other designers. With the use of more than forty techniques in one outfit, I think it can be said that Manish Arora is a designer who knows his game.

Manish Arora For OPPO F9 Pro

And his inspiration was not limited to the lines and color of the phone. All that Manish and his team had in mind …

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