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Carolina Herrera to Showcase SS24 Collection at Dubai Fashion Week; Adidas Features Saudi Talent in New Global Brand Platform

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Carolina Herrera is set to showcase her SS24 collection at Dubai Fashion Week, bringing her signature style to the global stage. The fashion event will feature talent from various fields, including food, art, music, and film. Adidas has also launched a new global brand platform, enlisting Saudi creatives such as movie director Ali Kalthami and fashion designer Mohamad Bajbaa. The campaign focuses on Adidas’ heritage sports shoes, like the Samba and Superstar. This collaboration highlights the influence of Saudi talent and the popularity of Adidas in the region.

Carolina Herrera to show SS24 collection at Dubai Fashion Week

  • Adidas launches global brand platform featuring Saudi talent
  • Kalthami’s debut film “Mandoob” receives praise at Toronto International Film Festival
  • Saudi creatives collaborate with Adidas for the first time
  • Adidas campaign centers on heritage sports shoes and partners with Ravi Restaurant
  • Carolina Herrera is set to captivate the audience at Dubai Fashion Week with her SS24 collection. The event not only showcases fashion, but also highlights talent from various creative fields. Adidas has recently launched a global brand platform that features Saudi talent, including Ali Kalthami and Mohamad Bajbaa. Kalthami’s debut film “Mandoob” has already gained recognition at the Toronto International Film Festival. This collaboration with Adidas marks a significant moment for Saudi creatives. The campaign focuses on Adidas’ iconic sports shoes and includes a partnership with Ravi Restaurant. Sneakers have also become an unexpected canvas for artist Noura Bin Saidan, who incorporates them into her artwork.

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