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Lifestyle: Browse through 256 photographs capturing moments from all Rapid City Area School graduations.

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Rapid City Stevens and Rapid City Central High School held their annual commencement ceremonies for the class of 2023 at the Summit Arena. Rapid City Stevens students received over $12 million in scholarship offers and were commended for their ability to work together and support each other. Rapid City Central High School’s graduation ceremony featured around 320 students who were praised for their resiliency and politeness, despite facing tough roads to get to graduation. The class had two students accepted into Stanford University. Both schools celebrated their students’ achievements and bright futures.

Rapid City Stevens and Rapid City Central High Schools celebrated their class of 2023 on Sunday at the Summit Arena with their annual commencement ceremonies. The event was a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the students and their bright futures ahead.

Rapid City Stevens High School’s principal, Jocelyn Hafner, shared that the students spent several hours doing community service. Additionally, the students received over $12 million in scholarship offers this year. The class of 2023 was also recognized for their state and national honors. However, what stood out the most to Hafner was the students’ ability to work together and cheer each other on. She said, “It is hard to say goodbye, but they have such bright futures that we’re all excited. The entire staff is excited for them and everything that they are going to go off and do.”

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Rapid City Central High School’s commencement ceremony featured around 320 students. The students also received several state and national awards, but the school’s first-time principal, Randy Seales, shared that the most impressive thing about the students of the school’s newest graduation class was their resiliency. “We have had a lot of kids with some tough roads to get here, and we’ve got a lot of kids who just did amazing things all the way through. They didn’t let this slow them down,” he said. “We have got two students going to Stanford University this year, and just so many could tell their story about the rough patches. But as a group, this one of the most polite groups of students I have ever met. They were a joy to be around.”

If you want to see more photos from Rapid City High School’s graduation ceremony, check out NewsCenter1’s website.

The class of 2023 has a bright future ahead of them, and the staff and community are excited to see where their journey takes them. Congratulations to all the graduates!

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