Logan Square Men’s Fashion Specialist Reveals Top Trends for This Season: Monochromatic Tailoring, Statement Overcoats, and Quilted Vests

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Top trends in men’s fashion for this season

  • Monochromatic tailoring
  • Statement overcoats
  • Quilted vests
  • Top trends in men’s fashion for this season

    The ever-evolving world of men’s style is always changing. Each year, fashion is supposed to evolve into fresh and updated looks. ABC 7 Eyewitness News recently invited men’s clothing specialist Kiyoshi Martinez to talk about the top trends in men’s fashion. As highlighted by Martinez, the top trends this season are monochromatic tailoring, statement overcoats, and quilted vests.

    Monochromatic tailoring

    Monochromatic tailoring is a key trend for men this season. It involves wearing a single color from head to toe, creating a sleek and sophisticated look.

    Statement overcoats and quilted vests

    Statement overcoats and quilted vests are also popular choices for men this season. These outerwear pieces add a stylish and practical element to any outfit, keeping men warm while making a fashion statement.

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