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September 25 Spearfish Canyon Leaf Report: Experience the Spectacular Fall Colors at 80% Peak

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Spearfish Canyon Leaf Report: It’s Fall!

  • Spearfish Canyon is currently at 80% of its peak leaf color change.
  • The deeper you drive into the Canyon, the more vivid colors you will see.
  • Savoy and Roughlock Falls are currently displaying spectacular fall colors.
  • Each trail in the Canyon offers unique views, foliage, and wildlife.
  • Experience the Beauty of Fall in Spearfish Canyon

    Fall has officially arrived in Spearfish Canyon, with the leaves reaching 80% of their peak color change. As you explore the Canyon, you’ll be treated to a stunning display of vibrant colors. Make sure to visit Savoy and Roughlock Falls, where the golden hues of the birch and aspen create a breathtaking scene. Don’t forget to take advantage of the car pull-off spots at Savoy to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.

    Discover Unique Treasures on the Canyon’s Trails

    Each trail in Spearfish Canyon has its own special features and surprises. While hiking to Roughlock Falls, you may spot wildlife like chipmunks or come across beautiful flowers like purple forget-me-nots. The trails are also lined with golden birch trees and rocks covered in sumac, creating a picturesque landscape. Take your time to explore and appreciate the diverse beauty that each trail has to offer.

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    Experience the magic of fall in Spearfish Canyon and witness nature’s breathtaking transformation. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning colors and unique treasures of the Canyon’s trails. Plan your visit today and create lasting memories of this beautiful season.

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