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Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2024 Set to Showcase 100 Brands and Attract International Buyers

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Shanghai Fashion Week is set to make a full return for the Spring 2024 season, with around 100 brands presenting their collections across four official venues. Thirteen official trade show partners will also be welcoming buyers from China, France, Vietnam, and the U.S. to place orders for next spring. The event will feature familiar faces as well as fresh talent, and organizers are excited about the future of the fashion industry and the unique characteristics of young Chinese designers.

Shanghai Fashion Week Gears Up for Full Return for Spring 2024 Season

Shanghai Fashion Week is preparing for a busy Spring 2024 season, with a lineup of around 100 brands and 13 official trade show partners. The event will showcase both established and emerging talent, with buyers from various countries placing orders for the upcoming season. The organizers are optimistic about the future of the fashion industry and the distinctive qualities of young Chinese designers. Shanghai Fashion Week aims to kick-start a new era and continue to be a significant platform for the fashion world.

Exciting Highlights of Shanghai Fashion Week

  • Icicle, the owner of Carven, will debut at Shanghai Fashion Week with a runway show, marking the brand’s first presentation within the fashion system. The founder, Ye Shouzeng, aims to showcase the brand’s vision for the new season and explore the best way to present future collections.
  • The event will feature a packed calendar of local talents and power players, including Tommy Zhong, Staffonly, Haizhen Wang, Clot, Comme Moi, and Balabala.
  • Shanghai Fashion Week is expecting the return of overseas attendees, as well as fresh faces that will bring surprises to the event.
  • Shanghai Fashion Week is gearing up for a full return, showcasing a diverse range of brands and attracting international buyers. The event aims to celebrate the future of the fashion industry and highlight the unique perspectives of young Chinese designers. With a packed calendar and exciting debuts, Shanghai Fashion Week promises to be an event to watch.

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