Spice Station, the Herbal Sensation

Spice Station, the Herbal Sensation

Spice Station offers a wide variety of Blends, Chilis, Gift Sets, Herbs, Peppercorn, Salts, Spices, Sugars, Teas and more.

Gift sets are a great way to get a meaningful gift for a loved one that will not only look good when they receive it, but will taste even better!

Los Angeles, CA, March 03, 2021 (News) — Could your diet use a natural energy boost? Are you seeking new ways to keep your family safe and healthy? Are you looking for new ways to prepare your meals without all the hidden ingredients and additives, but with twice the flavor?

Great! Spice Station can easily facilitate all of your flavoring needs by expanding your medical knowledge, bringing exotic spices and herbs into your home, and exposing you to natural remedies you never knew existed.

William Cowper said, “Variety’s the very spice of life that gives it all its flavor.”

The man behind this big idea is Peter Bahlawanian. With the help of a former partner, Spice Station originated in Silver-Lake in November of 2009. The original headquarters was founded in a vintage furniture store in Sunset Junction. Peter was previously a major player in the entertainment industry working full-time as a Producer. He soon discovered his passion for spices and worked to turn that idea into several retail hotspots in just a little over a year.

A few years ago, Peter closed his retail stores and prioritized his online platform and wholesale distribution with his many clients that includes: Petit Trois, Orsa Winston, Larchmont Village Wine and more. He has revolutionized buying spices online, making the process affordable and convenient. He offers hundreds of teas, spices, custom blends and more.

Peter has renewed our faith in wellness and let us in on the secret to a better quality of life. Spice Station has spurred us to rediscover the value of horticulture and real ingredient blends. A personal touch to be enjoyed is the history provided with each product. He supplies pricing, general function, medical benefits, and the place of origin for those curious history buffs out there. The  embellished spice jars can “spice up” your pantry and leave it looking like a Hogwarts potion chest, which helps create a fun atmosphere for cooking and baking.

Peter also saves us time and stress when it comes to gift shopping for family. There are so many cooks in the kitchen, especially with the recent pandemic and people searching for new ways to use their time and it’s hard to find gifts for everyone sometimes. Buying spices online has not only changed my life, but my family’s too. I love that we’re taking the natural plunge together. It’s also fun going over for the holidays and seeing our holiday gift spices sprawled across the counter.

Peter’s platform features collaborations with top-tier chefs and bartenders in addition to the cooking and spice workshops. He also has a blog that takes the initiative in showing you how to create new habits and take some of your favorite dishes over the edge with new approaches to stale, bland recipes.

If you’re looking for new reasons to keep your body healthy, resist fast food, or even become a tea drinker, take a look for yourself right now! All aboard Spice Station, the Herbal Sensation!

Spice Station

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