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Final Fantasy Crisis Core and 9 More Great Games Still PSP Exclusive

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10 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Functions As A Pivotal Prequel To The Classic Game Sony continues to hold an enviable position in the console market, but there was also a time where they made a go for handhelds with their PSP and PS Vita. These handhelds remain fascinating relics of their time, and while many of their games have ended up on more popular services, there are still certain PSP games that remain tied to the niche handheld.

The Final Fantasy series remains a trademark of PlayStation consoles and there’s still lots of debate over whether Final Fantasy VII is the series’ apex. Square has repeatedly returned to Final Fantasy VII’s universe, most recently with a massive remake/reimagining, but this was happening much earlier on the PSP. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the original game that makes Zack Fair the protagonist. Crisis Core is a fascinating extension to Final Fantasy VII that overlaps with the original in ways that are genuinely exciting rather than manipulative or pandering. The Ape Escape games play an important role in the PlayStation’s history with how they helped make analog sticks the norm for the console. The core Ape Escape series has faded into obscurity, but the PSP briefly became a home for the misplaced monkeys, whether through the Ape Escape Academy mini-game collections or more ambitious spin-offs.

8 Ape Quest Brings Back The Ape Escape Series As A Quirky RPG RELATED: 10 Modern PS4 Games That Have Already Aged Poorly

Square Enix has built their reputation off of the legendary Final Fantasy series, but some of their most interesting games are their titles that don’t meet the same universal acclaim. Parasite Eve and its sequel are moody PlayStation titles where Square tried their hand at survival horror and shooter mechanics with their usual RPG flair. The 3rd Birthday is the final Parasite Eve game, but it comes over a decade after its predecessor. Audiences are still hungry for more of Aya Brea’s adventures, which makes it almost insulting that this one entry in the series is still unavailable to most people. 9 The 3rd Birthday Brings Back Aya Brea For A Mature RPG-Shooter Hybrid

7 Mega Man Powered Up Is An Incredible Remake Of The Original That Goes Above And Beyond Ape Quest turns the adorable puzzle-platformer into a surprisingly deep RPG. Ape Quest feels like it could have been the new direction that Ape Escape continues down, but the title’s exclusivity to the PSP likely dashed these hopes.

The Metal Gear Solid series’ influence on Sony consoles is undeniable, and they’ve used their handhelds to push the franchise in new directions. There are revolutionary Metal Gear Solid entries on the PS Vita that have made their way onto home consoles, but the same treatment hasn’t happened with the PSP’s considerably more niche efforts, Metal Gear Acid and its sequel. An acronym for Active Command Intelligence Duel, the spin-off combines Metal Gear Solid’s stealth and tactical gameplay with the mechanics of a turn-based card game RPG. It’s something that any Metal Gear Solid or turn-based RPG fan should experience. 6 Metal Gear Acid And Its Sequel Turn The PlayStation Stealth Classic Into A Card Fight It’s common practice for retro video games to receive modern remasters, and one of the PSP’s biggest uses was to feature handheld adaptations of classic PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles. There are countless re-releases for the Mega Man games, but the PSP’s Mega Man Powered Up rebuilds the original title from the ground up. Not only does Mega Man Powered Up boast an adorable art style, but it’s full of extra perks like the ability to play through the game as any Robot Master. There were plans for more Mega Man Powered Up titles that unfortunately didn’t come to pass.

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