Friday, February 3, 2023
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Fine dining establishments applaud the West Bengal government’s decision to loosen Covid limits

Fine dining restaurants in the city on Friday welcomed the decision of the West Bengal government to relax covid restrictions including lifting the 12 midnight to 5 am night curfew saying it would enable both the patrons and the staff to space out the dine out hours and allow the eateries to extend the closing hours if they want. The Director of iconic Peter Cat and Mocambo, Nitin Kothari told PTI `’with all the restrictions related to curfew hours and three-fourth seating capacity being waived we hope things will be like pre-covid days.”

Kabir Azhar, Director, Aminia Restaurants said ”Yes, we are aware that the covid curbs are lifted from today. While this is good news, we would still like to maintain hand hygiene, daily sanitization and strictly conduct temperature checks on a daily basis.” ”Besides, masks are still required, and we would definitely keep an eye on that. We believe it is a good practice, as we are very particular about maintaining hygiene and safety while preparing food,” he said.

He said while earlier the closing time would have been 11:20 pm for his two heritage restaurants, when the night curfew duration was changed from 11 pm-5 am to 12 midnight-5 am slot, following the withdrawal in night curfew hours ”we would be able to keep the facilities open on certain days including festivals when the crowd swells till midnight.” Kothari, however, emphasised the covid protocol like wearing face shield by staff, donning gloves and sanitizing the place regularly will be strictly followed and patrons will be asked to put up mask while entering.

Azhar added that lifting the curfew will help employees worry less about getting home by midnight, allowing them to better serve their customers. The same applies to customers, he added. Chowman, Executive Director of Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2, his Debaditya Chaudhury, said: Because those were rush hours. But the extension to midnight put us in a great hurry,” he said. “Having said that, it was still a bit difficult to do everything in the limited time frame during the festival.

Once the curfew is lifted, we will definitely return to the pre-COVID process of serving food and meals late into the night on important days such as Pujo and Christmas,” he added. Eastern India Hotel and Restaurant Association chairman Sudesh Podhar said this would certainly help the hospitality industry return to its pre-Covid 2019 era. “Our restaurant is open until midnight. Our closing time used to be around 11 pm,” says Poddar, who owns two restaurants. “Sales were at 80% of his pre-pandemic levels.

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  • Fine dining establishments applaud the West Bengal government’s decision to loosen Covid limits
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