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For many businesses, switching to cloud security is already paying dividends

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A new study shows that the majority of businesses that have moved from traditional security solutions to cloud security solutions save money as a result. SASE provider Netskope recently surveyed his 700 IT professionals in Germany and the UK about their intentions and practices as the world moves to a remote-first approach. Nearly 4 out of 5 European companies found that they saved money on replacing hardware and devices as a result of moving to the cloud.

Organizational challenges
But challenges lie ahead. First, it is not yet clear who will be responsible for, and who will pay for, major transformational projects. A quarter of his IT leaders (27%) allow his security team to fund both SASE and Zero Trust, while an equal percentage said his network team and infrastructure team depends on Many CIOs are considering consolidating their teams, but have no plans to consolidate their network and security budgets. Additionally, some respondents claimed that SASE is owned by the network team, with a third (31%) saying responsibility is shared.

Specifically, according to Netskope, replacing “expensive firewalls” (with firewall-as-a-service) saves him a fifth (21%) of his IT team, while many other organizations say he of VPN and bandwidth costs saved. Supplier consolidation also provided savings opportunities for most companies (21%). These aren’t just a handful of early adopters. According to Netskope, 99.5% of his respondents have “implemented a network and security transformation project in the next five years,” with more than half already underway or planned for the next 12 months.

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Netskope concludes that this “discrepancy” in the market will result in continued bickering between CISOs and CIOs over project ownership. Moving to the cloud often also means adding headcount and reorganizing organizational structures. While many respondents expect their security teams to grow, others are already changing the structure and staffing of their network teams. Finally, nearly half (46%) struggle to find the right candidates for security roles. Also, check out our list of the best endpoint protection solutions.

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  • For many businesses, switching to cloud security is already paying dividends
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NewsFor many businesses, switching to cloud security is already paying dividends

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