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Gaming PC peripheral maker Glorious ditches its divisive moniker

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According to a recent announcement, the gaming PC gear firm Glorious PC Gaming Race is dropping its contentious meme-inspired name. In a blog post, the company announces that it will now be known as “Glorious,” and that its logo will be replaced with a streamlined silhouette. Glorious was established in 2014, and its original moniker is a play on the popular “PC gaming master race” meme. The statement was first used to parody the snobbish attitudes of PC gamers in an episode of The Escapist’s video review series Zero Punctuation, where journalist Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw used it to mock the elitist attitudes of PC gamers. Of course, “master race” is also a reference to Nazi ideology, giving the company’s branding racial implications.

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Glorius says that the brand has “matured” since its “community has expanded to nearly every country in the world, and includes people from all walks of life.” The gaming keyboard and mouse maker also say its refined name is more than just a meme, as it “represents much-needed positivity in the world today.” The Glorious PC Gaming Race Model I will be the last gaming mouse released under the old brand, while new products like the GMMK 2 will feature the new name and logo. The company also confirms that its URL will change in the coming weeks, and existing products will be rebranded over the next “several years”.

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  • Gaming PC peripheral maker Glorious ditches its divisive moniker
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