Genshin Impact Ganyu’s Best Construction

Genshin Impact Ganyu's Best Construction

Looking for Genshin Impact Ganyu version? Ganyu is the latest character to join Genshin Impact’s roster, bringing the total number of characters to 28. This five-star character specializes in ranged combat, making her effective in a DPS or support role. Ganyu is a Cryo archer, which allows her to keep enemies at bay by freezing them while remaining safe from a distance.

Update 1.2 also introduces the Dragonspine region, an icy place filled with many icy minions. Ganyu’s cryo abilities work against enemies in this region, but you’ll find that pyro / fire characters do significantly better against cryo minions. Be sure to check out our best versions of Genshin Impact for the starter character guide, which includes a version for Outrider Amber, a pyro character.

Whether you want to focus on building high DPS revolving around critical hits or you prefer to play it safe by turning Ganyu into a support character, Ganyu really can do it all. Here’s what you’ll need …

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