Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Global Expansion of Crypto Fintech Bucks Trend

Without a doubt, the recent abrupt collapse has put the crypto market through one of its most difficult periods.

The London-based company SG Veteris connects the best-in-class fintech with cryptocurrency to increase the number of ways consumers may purchase, sell, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrency as well as enable fast crypto payments and transactions.

While many businesses have had to scale back or even worse as a result of this, one cryptocurrency fintech is just getting better.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the internet economy and the migration to online commerce. With SG Veteris, everyone will be able to accept and transmit cryptocurrency payments more quickly and easily.

With more customers opting to pay with cryptocurrencies, SG Veteris offers companies of all sizes a safe and simple solution to take payments online, open up new checkout experiences, and expand their operations.

Anil Oncu, the company’s CEO, said, “We’re fascinated with helping businesses stay up with globally renowned brands such as Apple and PayPal that are starting to join the crypto market by helping them develop faster and operate globally. Additionally, we aim to provide people additional options and make it simple for them to embrace and incorporate cryptocurrency into their daily life.

It offers a variety of services to both consumers and businesses, such as:

Bitpace is a trade and payment gateway that offers businesses the finest and largest alternative to traditional fiat payment methods by enabling them to accept quick payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies for their goods and services.

Koinal is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that offers credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, and other payment methods as fast, simple, and safe ways to instantly buy, sell, deposit, or withdraw the most well-liked cryptocurrencies around the clock. OTC Trading is an over-the-counter service that is private, one-on-one, and discreet for institutions and individuals looking to trade large volumes of cryptocurrencies (above £100k). It supports more than 100 coins and has thorough coverage in more than 100 countries.

It established an office in Bulgaria last year, which has recently emerged as a major hub for the fintech industry, cryptocurrency trading, and a venue for international cryptocurrency events. Its strategic location in south-east Europe, favourable economic development trend, and ease of access to markets like the EU made it an appealing choice, according to Martin Bohorov, managing director of SG Veteris Europe and head of its Bulgarian office.

In particular, Bulgaria has established itself as a sought-after operational centre thanks to its youthful, educated, multilingual, and technologically adept populace. The business has just begun operations in Estonia and Lithuania as well. A lot of large firms are entering Lithuania, an established and thriving market that encourages innovation and provides tremendous growth potential.

In order to give our clients confidence in using our services and to show that we are a safe and secure supplier, Bohorov continues, “We are considering expanding in a number of respected jurisdictions. Being well-regulated and having significant marketplaces for bitcoin and blockchain enterprises, Lithuania and Estonia are two of the safest places to incorporate and conduct business. The company’s dedication to upholding high standards is evident in its choice of industry veteran Raul Malmstein, the former head of Estonia’s financial regulator, to lead its operation there and assist it in navigating a commercial and regulatory environment that is rapidly evolving.

Tautvydas Snelaitis, a former executive at Danske Bank, was recently named as the MLRO for the company’s Lithuanian office. According to SG Veteris, a new generation of financial services is about to be developed. The company is working to develop novel ways to send, spend, save, and manage money that combine traditional fintech and cryptocurrency.

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  • Global Expansion of Crypto Fintech Bucks Trend
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