Colorado Doctors Urge Vaccinations Ahead of Holiday Season for Protection Against Flu, COVID-19, and RSV

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Doctors Urge Coloradans to Get Vaccinated Ahead of Holiday Season

Doctors are urging Coloradans to get vaccinated ahead of the holiday season.

  • Doctor Rachel Herlihy emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated against influenza, COVID-19, and RSV.
  • Health officials recommend getting a flu shot before holiday travel to protect oneself and others.
  • Over 300 people have been hospitalized for the flu in Colorado since October, highlighting the severity of the flu season.
  • Now is the right time to get the influenza vaccine if you haven’t already, As seen in the coverage by Herlihy.
  • Doctors are urging Coloradans to get vaccinated ahead of the holiday season

    Doctor Rachel Herlihy with the Colorado Department of Health tells 11 News one of the easiest and most efficient ways to stay protected is to get vaccinated.

    The Importance of Vaccination

    “It’s really important to not only get your influenza vaccine but also make sure you’re protected against COVID-19,” Herlihy said. “There’s also some new RSV vaccines available as well for certain members of the population.”

    Protecting Yourself and Others

    Herlihy tells 11 News we are well into flu season but with viruses like COVID, RSV, and influenza being so contagious it is important to protect yourself against all three before seeing family over the December holidays.


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