Health passports could have unintended consequences

Health passports could have unintended consequences

Is it a good or bad thing? So what might a world look like with health passports?

First of all, many countries, especially developing countries, already require certain vaccinations to visit. Typically, however, these are required only for visitors from designated countries that are listed as at risk for those diseases. It isn’t uncommon to see rules around Yellow Fever and Polio for example. So it sounds like a health passport would be a great way to solve the above problems, right?

Secondly, individual countries, including the United States, have the right to define who is allowed to enter the country under what conditions. Countries should maintain the right to their own border and take measures to ensure the security of their population. There is a difference here and part of it has to do with technology and the other part as to do with the controlling authority of said health passport.

Again, there is no international standard and it is up to each country to determine what is required under what circumstances. It is up to the traveler to understand and follow these rules before visiting. More:COVID’s long-term effect on business startups

Having a standardized technology for managing health records that foreign agencies have access to doesn’t sound super secure. I am willing to give information to foreign countries when I choose to travel there. After all, it is their country and I should follow their rules just as I would expect a visitor to the United States to do the same. Global system doesn’t seem sound or secure

Will TSA add a “health” layer to their already rather invasive passenger screening process? I have seen talk about using a health passport for travel between states, not just internationally. Will information beyond vaccines be required to be added to it? If we build this platform it will require little effort on the government’s part to expand its scope. But a global system doesn’t seem sound. Who controls it? Furthermore, what happens when this “health passport” is used within the United States? If all those records are in one place and people are expected to use it, what is to prevent employers, schools, etc. from requiring access to the health passport?

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  • Health passports could have unintended consequences
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