Here’s how to save money using invoice negotiators.

Here’s how to save money using invoice negotiators.

Broz, 43, lives a buttoned-up lifestyle so he and his wife can one day spend their golden years camping. “I am extremely frugal,” Broz laughs.

“I just get a lot of happiness from it,” Broz said. “Do I call customer service? Do I threaten to quit and leave? Are they going to just say, ‘OK fine bye’?” Broz asked.

But all good things must come to an end. The bill, once $50 a month escalated to $83 a month.
Negotiating services

“The only thing we retained was the internet service and that helped for a while,” Broz said. To keep their budget happy, windows stay open when the weather is nice. And cable? That cord was cut years ago.

And the company got Broz’s internet bill back down to $50 a month. After some research, Broz brought BillCutterz on board, a company that that tries to get your bills lowered for you.

Companies Trim and Billshark also offer a similar service. Except this time, he’s splitting the savings with BillCutterz for their work. BillCutterz gets $16 and $16 goes back into Broz’s pocket. “That’s much better than I expected,” Broz explained.

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  • Here’s how to save money using invoice negotiators.
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