How SAP data technologies work, on the Inside

How SAP data technologies work, on the Inside

Make sure the right data jobs happen in the right place at the right time with the right systems … [+] allows “data engines” to operate more efficiently.

Adrian bridgwater

Like many technology providers, the German data analytics and software application company SAP often presents an overview of the type of messaging “ relies on our platform. ” Hopefully customers will adopt the brand, logo, platform and t-shirt of the annual conference with the same enthusiasm and faith.

While it’s relatively easy to castigate a business for marketing rhetoric that revolves around the “ one unified platform solution ” message, it’s – arguably – difficult for these businesses to quickly deconstruct what they are. do and explain complex software architectures in anything that remotely approaches a 30-second elevator sale.

In an attempt to provide some of that clarification, let’s try to explain some of the guts behind the [software] nuts and …

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