How to build a successful copywriting business from scratch

How to build a successful copywriting business from scratch

Sarah Turner Agency offers freelance copywriting for clients in the medical and health sectors, content marketing strategy, and training programs for future copywriters. Last year, Turner booked $2.6 million in revenue, according to documents verified by Insider.  “I think I was miserable not being my own boss,” said Turner, who launched her own copywriting agency the same year. “I learned you can start a business without an MBA.” 

Turner details how she built a copywriting business from scratch, including how to find worthwhile clients, create recurring revenue streams, and craft the perfect cold email.  If you’re going to cold email prospective clients, make it personal 

“Choosing who you work with creates a writing job that has more meaning,” Turner said. “For me to write for doctors who’re helping people with chronic illnesses is a dream come true.”  When seeking clients that interest you, don’t shy away from reaching out to strangers, Turner said, noting that she initially built her business on cold outreach. If you have a dream brand or company in mind, send their CEO an email that grabs their attention, she suggested. 

When Turner was building her client roster, she aimed to freelance for companies that interested or excited her. When younger, she entertained dreams of working in healthcare, so she sought work from medical and health businesses.  Find clients or projects that excite and motivate you 

Additionally, sweeten the deal by including something helpful in your cold email, Turner suggested. For example, if the business is very active on Instagram, craft a mock post that shows you follow their outreach strategy.  To craft the perfect email, start by researching and studying the client, Turner said. Craft your message around what that business, leader, or brand is articulating to customers and offer your assistance with that mission. 

In addition to finding projects that motivate you, Turner advises copywriters build a stable roster of customers they can rely on for recurring revenue.  Build a stable roster of clients that will guarantee recurring revenue “It’s not time consuming for you and sets you apart in the sea of cold emails,” Turner said. “It also shows how you want the relationship to look.” 

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