Identity theft, hacking and phishing in cyberspace


With the rapid digitization all over the world and children being introduced to a world full of wonderful things online but they are unaware of the threats to their security online, thus Cyber safety is a growing concern.

If you don’t know the threats of being online, let us take an example to understand the threats.
Imagine you wake up one fine morning and are rubbing the sleep off of your eyes and per usual open Instagram. However very unusually, it shows that you’ve been logged out of your account and is now displaying an error saying, “The username you entered doesn’t belong on to an account. Please try again.”

For all of those who don’t know what Cyber Safety is, it is the practice of defending computers (any electronic device that can store and process data), servers, network, and data in general from cyber-attacks. With almost all types of electronic devices connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or 4G, protecting our information from cyber-attacks is more important than ever.

Confused, you re-enter your username and password carefully avoiding any typos, still it gives you the same error. Now, you may start thinking that something is wrong but at first you ignore it and think it’s probably a glitch form Instagram’s side. So you promptly get ready for school and before leaving home, you try to log in again. Nothing much has changed in half an hour. So you leave your phone and go to school. The worry about not being able to log into your account eats at you the whole day.

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  • Identity theft, hacking and phishing in cyberspace
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