Sunday, October 17, 2021

Intel’s next-gen Meteor Lake will have an integrated VPU accelerator

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We’re to expect Intel’s next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs towards 2023, where they will be rumored to rock a VPU. The VPU will take on-die space next to the CPU cores, and will act like the Neural Engine that Apple has in its M1 processor. But now Tom from Moore’s Law is Dead is underscoring that Meteor Lake will have a VPU, and that Intel could use it for great effect — maybe not now, but in the future, definitely.

On-device real-time translation and other Neural Engine-powered features could be used but they’re years away at the moment. Apple is doing this, using their M1 processor for Neural Engine tasks as mobile devices are the focus here — but desktop users, laptop users? I don’t know just yet.

Tom makes the argument that the VPU inside of Meteor Lake, it could be used to upscale video — with Tom using an example of bandwidth-throttled situations seeing your Netflix quality going down. If this happens on an Intel-powered system, then the VPU could be used to upscale 1080p to 4K for example, which makes sense.

Windows 11 could have a built-in ability to circle a spot on the screen with your finger, and it would auto-read anything out loud to you. Moving in this direction would be nice, but we’ve seen absolutely nothing from Microsoft or Intel’s side just yet, and we’re mere days away from Windows 11 launching.

Gadgets 360 caught up with Marcus Kennedy, General Manager, Gaming Division, Client Computing Group at Intel, to talk about the 11th Gen desktop Core CPU launch, his outlook for gaming, and what’s in store for anyone who might be considering an upgrade.

Intel’s 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake’ Core i9, Core i7, and Core i5 desktop CPUs should soon be available for everyone across the world to buy. This isn’t another minor 14nm update, like we’ve seen for the past several years, as Intel struggled with 10nm manufacturing capacity. Instead of prolonging the wait further, Intel has taken the surprising step of leveraging its relatively more modern 10nm ‘Ice Lake’ architecture, but has backported it to a 14nm manufacturing process to get it out into the market. This approach allows the company to keep using its established and mature manufacturing capabilities while bringing new features and improvements to market. Considering all this, there’s a lot that gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers, and even casual users will want to know.

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