Invasion PC Games of 2020 – Andrew’s Picks

Invasion PC Games of 2020 - Andrew's Picks

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already, but here we are. Between the whole world going to hell in a figurative hand basket and the political climate becoming a poisonous dividing factor to the point of parodying, there were also video games here and there. Since I’ve played a lot, here’s a look at my four favorite PC games of 2020, plus the one that has improved the most.

Paradise killer

It’s easily my favorite game of the year. It’s not particularly long or difficult, but it’s totally filled with character. You play as a detective named Love Dies, who is an immortal returning from exile. She has been allowed to return to civilization in an attempt to unravel a murder mystery that has a lot going on. Essentially, it’s about walking around and talking to people, as well as collecting evidence. But it’s also an open world game with plenty of collectibles and the like to find.

The world itself is with love …

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