Is an Xbox Mandalorian exclusive game in development?

Is an Xbox Mandalorian exclusive game in development?

Is an Xbox exclusive Mandalorian game being developed?

Funko Pop on Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s display was actually The Arbiter from the Halo games. Yet, the source above who works for Xbox Era is a proven insider with Xbox games as a focus. This still suggests whatever this Mandalorian game is, it could be an Xbox Exclusive.

So where to begin? At the beginning of course. The idea of a game based on The Mandalorian was first suggested in this social media post.

From Who?

Now, even if this is all true, the Xbox Exclusive part remains unknown for now. We have yet to see exactly what Xbox’s strategy with games from Bethesda, MachineGames, and others will be. For sure everyone expects some future games from these studios to be Xbox exclusives, as the company has to make their console an attractive option. However, many analysts, and armchair analysts like me, seem to think that won’t always be the case.

As for who could be making it, there are other rumors. MrMattyPlays recently mentioned on the Defining Duke podcast that he has heard a first-party Xbox studio is developing a Lucasfilm IP for the gaming platform. Now this insider is known to have connections with Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media in the past which of course is now owned by Xbox. He is saying that two Lucasfilm games are in the works by MachineGames, a studio under that umbrella. MachineGames developed the Wolfenstein games, and the second Lucasfilm game they are working on is for Indiana Jones. Meaning that other Lucasfilm game is left unknown and therefore could be filled by that Mandalorian game?

Xbox may be quite happy to make money off selling games that work on PlayStation. It’s all money at the end of the day. Xbox also have their game pass to attract consumers to their service as with one monthly fee you can have access to hundreds of games and 100% of Xbox owned first party games are available day one. That’s the great variable in this process at the moment, though this all depends on whether those insiders are getting legit information. That’s the case with almost half the stories we run here on LRM though, so you readers know how this game works.

So there might be a Mandalorian game coming, and it might be from a studio now owned by Xbox. And, if all that is true, it might or might not be Xbox exclusive.

Is an Xbox exclusive Mandalorian game being developed? No idea, but I believe it will be made by an Xbox owned studio.

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