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Is the Xbox Series X a better buy in 2021 than the Xbox Series S, PS5 or PC?

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Game Pass is truly the best deal in gaming right now. For $9.99 you can get a subscription on either console or PC (we’ll get to that later), while a $14.99 Ultimate subscription will give you access to both. A number of hugely popular games are already available on the service, from Halo: The Master Chief Collection, to No Man’s Sky, to Flight Simulator, with plenty more set to be added including Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5.

Considering that for $10 per month you can get access to all of these games, with a bunch more coming down the pipeline, the Series X’s comparable power to the PS5 coupled with Game Pass makes it the best combination of cost-effectiveness and capability. However, for those looking to break into the Xbox ecosystem who aren’t too fussed about a system capable of 8K resolutions, the Xbox Series S is the most cost-effective console in gaming right now.


Is Xbox Series X worth buying over Series S?

However, if you aren’t concerned with any of that and you just want to enjoy the Xbox’s library of games — and, crucially, Game Pass — at a low price point, then the Series S is undoubtedly your best option. The only true differentiator here is how comfortable you will be in owning a console that will continue to be increasingly outperformed by its counterpart as this generation continues on.

The Xbox Series X is worth buying over the Series S if you want 4K gaming. While there are other perks to the former, such as its 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive for physical media, the main selling point is its ability to output at a native 4K resolution, compared to the Series S’s max of 1440p. 4K TV adoption is increasing, meaning that even if you aren’t currently rocking a 4K-ready setup, there’s a likelihood that you eventually will be — as such, Microsoft’s top-end console is ideal for future-proofing.

The Xbox Series X is worth buying over the PS5 if you’re looking for a routinely expanding library of first- and third-party games at a comparatively low price, over the single-player blockbusters that PlayStation is proven to provide. While there’s no saying that Xbox won’t eventually invest heavily into the kinds of experiences Sony provides with the likes of The Last of Us, God of War, and Uncharted, currently Xbox is more focused on preventing plenty of bang for your buck with Game Pass and its routinely updated library.

Xbox Series X’s key selling point completely revolves around Game Pass and the value it provides. At this point in time, the PS5 has arguably had the highest number of “system sellers,” from Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart, to Demon’s Souls, to Returnal. However, there’s certainly plenty of stellar games to play Xbox Series X, and this list is only set to grow thanks to Microsoft’s bank-busting acquisition of Bethesda.

WHY THE XBOX SERIES X IS WORTH BUYING OVER PS5 Here are the main reasons why an Xbox Series X is worth buying over a PS5, depending on your gaming tastes:

Game Pass’ extensive library of games Comparable power with cheaper games

First-party Bethesda games Is Xbox Series X worth buying if you own a PC?

The Xbox Series X is not worth buying if you own a PC unless you want a separate console on which to experience your library of Game Pass games in a different location. For $14.99 you can get a Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which will allow you to access the service’s library of games across PC and console. However, for $9.99, you can get the PC-specific version of Game Pass, which you’ll be able to access via the Xbox app. While the games available on both services aren’t exactly the same, most of the big games are available on both, while EA Play is also available via the PC version of Game Pass. This means that, unless you’ve got the cash to blow, an Xbox Series X isn’t an essential purchase if you already own a capable gaming Pc .


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