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Italy Detects Case of Mutant British Coronavirus Strain

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Italian authorities have identified a patient with a case of a potentially more infectious strain of the coronavirus first spotted in the United Kingdom, they said Sunday. The person arrived in Rome from Britain sometime in the past few days with their partner, and they are now in isolation, according to Reuters. The new strain of coronavirus is thought to be responsible for a recent surge of cases in England, which recorded 35,928 new cases Sunday, its highest ever daily rise in infections. The surge has prompted a number of European nations and Canada to halt flights from the U.K., there is no evidence yet to suggest that it is vaccine-resistant or deadlier than the normal coronavirus, according to the BBC.


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  • According to the source Italy Detects Case of Mutant British Coronavirus Strain.

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NewsHealth NewsItaly Detects Case of Mutant British Coronavirus Strain

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