KCR praises Telangana startups for breaking new ground in space industry

KCR praises Telangana startups for breaking new ground in space industry

Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao on Saturday expressed his delight at successfully bringing two Nano satellites launched from Sriharikota by Telangana-based Dhruva Space Tech, a private startup based in Hyderabad, into space orbit.

CM KCR said the successful launch of two nanosatellites – “Thybolt 1 and Thybolt 2” sent by the Hyderabad-based startup together with ISRO’s PSLV-C54 is an important milestone in the country’s start-up history.

The minister described the private sector satellite launch as a great success.

He noted that with the success of the newly launched “Vikram-S” satellite, Telangana startup and T-Hub member “Sky root” have made history by becoming the first private company in the country. satellite launch. The minister said that with these experiences, startups in Hyderabad have opened up new opportunities in India’s space sector.

The minister said that these two successful satellite experiments have brought laurels to Telangana worldwide.

He said the success of the recent ‘Vikram S’ launch and Saturday’s ‘Thybolt 1 and Thybolt 2’ launches a favorable start for private rocket launches aimed at increasing India’s share in the economy. world space economy.

He claims that Hyderabad’s popularity as a start-up city has doubled thanks to these satellite launches.

He called it just the beginning and said he believes T Hub, launched with the aim of unleashing the talent of enthusiasts and creating opportunities in the fields of science, technology and industry , will achieve more milestones in the future. CM KCR congratulates representatives of space startups “Skyroot” and “Dhruva”, who, with the encouragement of T-Hub, have created satellites through their startups and launch them successfully.

He called on young people to work with such a spirit to devote their intellectual wealth to the advancement of the country and to work for the development of India. The minister made it clear that the Telangana government will always stand with young men and women to show their talents to the world and make their brilliant ideas come true through their startups.

He congratulated the young leader and State Minister for IT and Industry, K.T. Rama Rao and senior managers and employees at T-Hub for working hard to promote the talents of young men and women who are passionate about science and technology. Telangana, which has set an example for the country in many areas and is making rapid progress in its development, has announced another historic event, according to a note from the premier’s office. Telangana State, which has brought out the talent of new generations by promoting startups and turning the sky to limit, has set another record in the country’s startup history and in the history of startups. launch private satellites into space.

Under the vision of Minister KCR and the efforts of Rama Rao, the young members of T-Hub established by the Telangana government are creating miracles in many fields with their talents.

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  • KCR praises Telangana startups for breaking new ground in space industry
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