Konami has announced three games: Mobile Systems and Nintendo Switch


U-G-O! Master Tool is available worldwide for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS and Android – and also the first time for the U-G title. -Oh! , Stunning 4K graphics on compatible devices will add pride. U-G-O! Master Duel will allow both old and new players to enjoy the full experience of the famous U-G-O! Trading Card Game (DCG) in digital format. Tollists from all over the world can compete in incredible duels that are intense to play and thrilling to watch. Unlike other Yu-Ki-O! They take elements of manga and animation, U-G-O! Master Duel revolves completely around U-G-O! Trading card game and U-Ki-O declares itself to be the most complete digital title dedicated to the world! DCG

U-G-O! Rush Duel New adventure for Nintendo Switch based on U-G-O! Sevens. U-G-O! Cross Dowel It is a mobile program that only claims that four players face each other at the same time.

U-G-O! Rush Duel, logo U-G-O! The CROSS DUEL takes everything to a whole new level with incredible battles between four dualists. This amazing new U-G-O that has been released worldwide on iOS and Android devices! All the details about the project will be revealed soon.

Toulists can collect Rush Duel cards, build their deck, and confront U-G-O heroes! Seven and challenge to friends and calligraphers around the world. All of these are waiting for many more at Yu-Ki-O! Rush Duel, reveal this fall in the US and Europe. Explore the vibrant world of Yu-Ki-O! Sevens currently playing in Japan, and find a fun new way to fight Yu-Gi-Oo! Rush Tube for Nintendo Switch. Based on the card game RUSH DUEL, which has been available in Japan since last year, U-G-O! Rush Tool uses a whole new set of rules that allow you to continue fishing and summoning! Get ready for unpredictable duels, during which time the wave may change very quickly …

Finally, Konami has some number of Yu-Ki-O! Duel Links, which has been downloaded by more than 140 million people worldwide, has collected 65 billion cards and fought over 6 billion duels. U-G-O! Dual links are available for PC, iOS and Android systems. U-G-O! Cross Duel, logo

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  • Headline: Konami has announced three games: Mobile Systems and Nintendo Switch
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