Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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The song “Nearly Perfectly Circular” Scientists on Mars are perplexed by the sand dunes

It’s a shame Elon Musk hasn’t colonised Mars yet, as something mysterious is happening there right now that has experts perplexed.

Sand dunes on the surface of Mars are “nearly perfectly round,” according to new photographs provided by NASA.

The photographs were collected in Mars’ northern hemisphere by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera system on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

According to a statement from the University of Arizona, the reason they are so rare is that “sand dunes of different forms and sizes are prevalent on Mars. It’s remarkable, but in this case the sand dunes are almost exactly spherical.

Yet, it is currently unknown what caused these sand dunes to resemble almost perfect circles.

The statement says, “They are still slightly uneven, with steep slip slopes on the south ends. “This suggests that while winds may vary, sand generally flows in a southerly direction.

“This observation looks to be clear of frost; it is one of a series of pictures to track how frost disappears in the late winter. An earlier photograph depicts the area while it was coated in frost.

Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams is a staff writer who focuses on stories about science and space. He gives short, helpful summaries of what's new in these fields, such as technological advances, new discoveries and explorations, and updates on major space missions. His reporting is mostly about breaking down complicated scientific ideas and explaining them in a way that anyone can understand. Bushman's work helps keep people up to date on the latest developments in science and space. It also helps people learn more about and appreciate these important fields.

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