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Lian Li Introduces Cases with Glass on All Sides and a Case Fan with Screen

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Lian Li makes some of the best PC cases, and this week at Computex 2023, they are releasing four new cases, all of which have glass on two or even three sides. Also on display is a brand-new case fan with an LCD screen in the middle, which is something we haven’t seen before.

The O11 Vision, which is on the left in the main image, has glass on its front, left side, and even on its top. Even the front left support beam doesn’t get in the way of your view. The top panel is a one-way mirror that makes reflections on the inside of the case but lets you see through it from the outside. You can attach a 240mm radiator and have it vent out the back. There is also a motherboard tray that can be taken out.

The O11D Evo RGB, shown on the right in the main image, has a glass front and left side that look like one piece. But radiator fans can be mounted on the top, and case fans can vent out the back or bottom. On the top and bottom, there are diffused RGB strips. The O11D Evo XL, shown below, is an e-ATX case with a removable support column and class on both the front and left sides. The height of the motherboard tray can be changed, so it can be put in different places.

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As shown below, the SUP 01 Concept case is meant to be tall and thin. You have to mount the GPU upright to get it to fit into a small space. It also has three glass panels made of tempered glass and space on the right side for fans to blow air out. The O11 Vision, O11D EVO RGB, and O11D EVO XL will all be available in Q3 at prices between $139 and $244. SUP 01 will be available in Q4 for $144.

Lian Li is also putting out some new case fans and coolers. The UNI Fan 2nd Gen TL LCD is the best part. This 120mm spinner is magnetically compatible with other UNI fans. It stands out, though, because it has a screen that can show animated GIFs, MP4 videos, still images, or information about the system. The Uni Fan TL LCD will cost $129 when it comes out in Q3. Lian Li says that the size of the screen is still up in the air. It could be either 2.1 or 1.6 inches. It can go as fast as 2,100 RPM.

NewsLian Li Introduces Cases with Glass on All Sides and a Case...

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