Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Local business focused on sustainability

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Pacha Soap Co. works with Grow Nebraska, an organization based out of Kearney who is committed to helping local small businesses improve sustainable practices, while also helping them distribute products through their website BuyNebraska.com. “A lot of times when you think about sustainability, you think that is hast to be this really big step that you’re taking, that you are composting everything, or that you are really focusing on making your carbon footprint as small as it can.” Tiffany Stoiber, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Grow Nebraska, says that there are many ways to be sustainable, and there is a lot of overlap with the small business model to be both sustainable and cost-effective. We spoke with Andy Thornton, Vice President of Sourcing and Impact at Pacha Soap Co. about their sustainable practices and their commitment to NetZero 2030. “We are pledging to join the NetZero 2030 campaign, which means that as a company, we’re going to be net zero emissions by 2030. And to do that, we’re going to be measuring our carbon emissions, we’re going to be looking at our operations and our supply chain to look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint” said Thornton.

At Pacha Soap Co., Thronton told me they keep track of their waste and try to find innovative ways to reduce it. “We calculated that 62% of our products total have been sold to the consumers in no packaging. So for example most of our bar soap is just sold unwrapped… but we look at packaging innovations so we can keep packaging down.”

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  • Local business focused on sustainability
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