LSD Microdosing Benefits May Be Placebo Effect, Study Finds | Science


The improvements in well-being and life satisfaction that come with microdosed psychedelics could be nothing more than the placebo effect, according to the largest practice study.

The trend for microdosing LSD or psilocybin started in Silicon Valley a few years ago and has spread around the world with supporters reporting greater well-being, creativity and performance. global cognitive skills.

But with so much anecdotal evidence of microdosing, scientists are unsure whether taking small doses of the drug on a regular basis is really stimulating. The illegality of drugs did not facilitate their search for answers.

Learn more, researchers at Imperial College London recruited 191 members of the public, who were already microdosing with LSD, for a placebo-controlled trial. This is the largest study of its kind on the effects of psychedelics to date.

Scientists found that while those who microdosed for several weeks reported less anxiety, better mood, and better creativity, those who took the placebo did as well.

“Our results confirmed some of the beneficial psychological effects of microdosing from anecdotal reports and observational studies, such as…

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