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Malware is a problem on Macs, according to Apple. So how bad is it really?

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Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering for Apple Inc., waves while arriving … [+] BLOOMBERG
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In doing so, Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi laid waste to the myth that Macs aren’t as susceptible to malware, an image carefully groomed over the years. It’s a notion that Apple continues to push even now, as Forbes contributor Barry Collins pointed out, with language on its web page for the current macOS 11 that touts it as keeping “your system safe from malware.”

For decades, Apple built much of its marketing for its Macintosh computers around the idea that they’re safer to use than PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. But in a remarkable appearance in court last week, Apple’s top software executive admitted that malware is a serious issue for Mac users, and that levels of malware on Macs are at “unacceptable” levels.

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It’s worth noting that, after Federighi’s court appearance, Apple put up a new section on its website titled “Why Mac” to promote its latest desktop and notebook computers. The copy briefly mentions “built-in” protection against viruses and malware, but the emphasis is more on privacy, which has become one of the company’s most emphasized bullet points.

Federighi was testifying in the trial over Apple’s removal of Epic Games’ Fortnite title from the iOS app store. Apple’s rules forbid an app from telling users that they could save money by going elsewhere to make in-app purchases, and Epic deliberately violated that rule in a bid to force a court case. Epic is alleging that Apple is behaving like a monopolist with its App Store policies, while Apple says it takes a cut to continue to provide curation services that keep its customers safe.

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  • Malware is a problem on Macs, according to Apple. So how bad is it really?
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