Mantis shrimp | Vision, punch and communication

Mantis shrimp |  Vision, punch and communication

What is your favorite animal? If you know anything about them, your answer is probably mantis shrimp.

From Their deadly 23m / s punch, unique photoreceptors and secret communication channels, here’s everything you need to know about these amazing creatures and life stars in color from the BBC.

How many colors can mantis shrimp see?

It is difficult to answer because mantis shrimp see the world so differently from us.

Indeed, while our eyes only have three photoreceptors – and most mammals have two – mantis shrimp have 12.

“They have probably the most complex view of any animal we’ve looked at so far. It’s just amazing and incredibly complex, ”says Dr Martin Comment from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol, who has worked in an advisory role on Life in Color.

“They can see many colors with their eyes moving independently. In addition, they have ultraviolet sensors and they have polarization vision. “

Read more about the science of light:

So what is polarized light? “Basically, light is a wave. And because it’s a wave, it also has a direction. The light can go up and down, or side to side at any angle….

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