Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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‘Meow-squerade Ball’ raises money for local cat rescue

On Saturday, October 29, the Dartmouth VFW hosted a “Meow-squerade Ball,” when the town’s trendiest cats came out to show off for their friends who love cats.

In order to care for the cats it rescues, the organisation, which was founded in January, uses a network of foster homes, according to Sarah Donner, a spokeswoman of the rescue who assisted in organising the event.

Despite the absence of any four-legged guests, Moby Kit Rescue, a recently founded animal rescue based on the Southcoast, benefited from the event’s proceeds.

She said, “We depend on our volunteers to open their homes to foster.”

Events like the meow-squerade, which was the organization’s first of its kind, are meant to close that fundraising gap, according to Donner.

Another representative, Emmily Melendez, stated that the organisation finds it challenging to solicit donations from the community because potential donors are unable to simply drop off supplies at a shelter due to the absence of a visible presence.

Donner claimed the event should be a success no matter what, given to a minimal budget, even if she acknowledged that the rescue still had a lot to learn about the event planning procedure.

The VFW, which offered the venue for the event without charge, she said, “made it feasible. In the end, it took a lot of work, but we didn’t spend a lot of money doing this.”

The meow-squerade was decked out in Halloween decorations and included live music from three local bands, drinks, and a raffle with goods provided by neighbourhood businesses. By offering low-cost neutering, fostering, and some “catch, neuter, and release” services intended to prevent feral cats from procreating, Melendez said the money generated will help the organisation continue its work to combat the overpopulation of southcoast cats.

We’re reaching the source of the issue, she claimed. In order to neuter the adult parents and prevent them from having any more kittens, Melendez said that when the organisation receives a call about stray kittens, they also try to pick up the adults.

We bring the entire family, she added. Because leaving the adult cats only makes the problem worse.

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  • ‘Meow-squerade Ball’ raises money for local cat rescue
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