Money is being brought to Northern California by filmmakers

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Movie Magic is coming to Northern California with more than just entertainment.

“The film sector was the number two economic generator in the state of California, and via the California Film Commission, you know they have a programme that shows a return on investment of $24 from the film industry,” Jurisich told Action News Now.

Sabrina Jurisich is the Regional Film Commissioner for the counties of Shasta, Tehama, Yuba, and Sutter.

“That comes from pay, from sleeping in hotel rooms, from, you know, local employees, caterers, restaurants, you know, like I said, anything you can think of,” Jurisich concluded.

“Well, believe it or not, there were actually 16 counties in California last year that still didn’t have a film commissioner representative, and 11 of those were north of Sacramento,” Jurisich explained to Action News Now.

Jurisich assists film crews in organising filming venues, hiring locals, and bringing money into our community.

“And if that role doesn’t exist, they’ll have to figure it out on their own, and time is money in production, so they’ll just skip it. Because of the difficulties they experience, some level productions will not even go to an area without a film commissioner “, she explained.

The commission has hosted 11 productions thus far, including 8 commercials, one reality TV episode, and one independent feature film. These projects employed 73 locals and contributed $126,000 to the local economy.

They also have 21 film projects lined up for next year. Tehama County’s Film Commission was funded by two agencies: Tehama County Major Crimes Unit and Tehama Together.

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  • Money is being brought to Northern California by filmmakers
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