Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Most distant cosmic jet providing clues to the early universe

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Astronomers using the very large Karl G. supermassive black hole in a quasar some 13 billion light years from Earth. The quasar is considered to be as it was when the universe was only 780 million years old and provides scientists with valuable information about how galaxies evolved and supermassive black holes developed when the universe was so young.

Studies indicate that the quasar – a galaxy housing a black hole 300 million times more massive than the Sun – has a jet of fast moving particles only about 1000 years old. While other quasars have been found at its distance and beyond, it is the first found at such a distance with the strong radio emission indicating an active jet. Only a small fraction of quasars have such jets.

“The black holes at the heart of many of these far-flung quasars are so massive that they call into question our understanding of how they might have developed in the relatively short time they had at the very beginning of the universe. ..

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