Monday, October 25, 2021

NASA’s Chandra Telescope Finds Young Stars That Regularly Trigger ‘Superbright’

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The scientists looked at the data from more than 24,000 stars in 40 different star-forming regions in space. When scientists studied the flares sent by over a thousand stars, they found that the “mega” flares fired by the young stars were up to 10 million times more energetic than the Solar Carrington Event – a very powerful storm of solar flares that was followed by solar plasma hitting the earth’s magnetic shield in 1859. The solar storm, if it happens today, could cause widespread blackouts and electrical disruption across the planet. The “super” flares of the young stars, which occur as often as several a week, are at least one hundred thousand times stronger than the solar storm. As far as scientists know now, these flares can also help form planets by pushing has away from discs of space dust and allowing them to settle. However, these star flares can also do the opposite – blast their atmosphere with powerful star storms containing radiation, ultimately destabilising or destroying them.

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  • Headline: NASA’s Chandra Telescope Finds Young Stars That Regularly Trigger ‘Superbright’
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