Monday, October 25, 2021

New Android Auto wallpapers have been found and a mysterious feature is coming

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Wallpaper support has been around for a while in Android Auto, but as it turns out, there’s a chance Google is working on something big on this front.
The new Android Auto wallpapers

First and foremost, it has recently been discovered that Android Auto 6.9 beta comes with three new wallpapers called Drizzle, Spoke, and Twilight, and clearly, this isn’t necessarily a surprise. Google was very likely to expand the collection of wallpapers available for Android Auto anyway, so these new backgrounds aren’t exactly surprising.

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While it’s too early to figure out precisely what the search giant is planning today, the latest beta version of Android Auto comes with changes suggesting that the wallpaper support could soon offer a slideshow mode or auto-rotation for enhanced functionality.

What’s more interesting, however, is that Google is seemingly working on a new setting that would allow Android Auto to retrieve the wallpapers from the company’s servers, and therefore, the photos would no longer have to come bundled with the APK.

Then, such functionality could power more advanced capabilities in Android Auto, including options to automatically rotate the wallpaper based on certain settings.

This could mean several things. First and foremost, by pulling the wallpapers from an online server, Android Auto’s background collection can get significantly larger, as Google can just add new photos much easier without having to roll out a new update.

Perhaps Google could make Android Auto’s wallpaper change automatically based on the time of day, so for example, the background could get darker when turning on the headlights or during the night. No matter which way Google decides to go, more customization options for wallpapers seem to be coming, and it’s all just a matter of time until they become available for everybody.

But on the other hand, the feature that everybody has been asking for is still nowhere to be seen. So despite all these additions, you still wouldn’t be allowed to use your custom wallpaper on Android Auto, as Google just wants to stick with the backgrounds it manually picks.

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  • New Android Auto wallpapers have been found and a mysterious feature is coming
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