Saturday, September 25, 2021

New free DLC for SRX: the Game puts you on the fast track

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Back in May the arrival of SRX: The Game provided budding racing superstars the chance to prove themselves against the best out there, going up against some proper legends of the motorsport scene. Now though that same game is looking to elevate things once more as the free to download Short Track Asphalt Pack arrives.

Provided free of charge to all who have previously downloaded a copy of SRX: The Game, the Short Track Asphalt Pack mostly focuses on that new series – the Super Late Model. However the addition of 6 asphalt tracks as well means that should you be looking to waste five minutes with a single race, fancy going up against the competition in multiplayer, or are delving deep into the career, you’ll be pretty much sorted.

Free to download and add into SRX: The Game, the Short Track Asphalt Pack should be of interest to nearly every single SRX racer. You see, not only does it add in the new Super Late Model for racing opportunities, but it throws a number of new asphalt tracks in for good measure.

Those tracks aren’t just limited to use by the unique Super Late Model though and you’ll find you can play through them in any of the modes, with any of the vehicles that are in play.

You’ll find SRX: The Game playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation and PC. And if you like what it provides, perhaps consider a download of Monster Games’ other racers like Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing too.

With a copy of the base game to hand, head over to the digital store of your choosing – the Xbox Store ideally – and grab the free Short Track Asphalt Pack right now. It’s pretty much what weekends were made for!

DLC Description:

Add the Super Late Model and 6 new asphalt tracks to your SRX: The Game experience!

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  • New free DLC for SRX: the Game puts you on the fast track
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