New Horizons’ lack of content means a sequel


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Click the button below to start this article in quick view. It has been over a year now since New Horizons’ explosive launch. At this point, players who bought the game just after launch have experienced all of the seasonal content made available throughout the year. And while Nintendo has promised continued support for the game through new content and updates, the company hasn’t exactly followed through. It is true that many players were able to fly through the game’s content much quicker because of the pandemic, but the fact remains that there still wasn’t much to fly through in the first place. New Horizons is in desperate need of some new content. Because New Horizons garnered so much hype, and then let so many down, what will that mean for its sequel?

Related: Animal Crossing New Horizons Needs More Mini-Games Like New Leaf The lack of support and improvements that New Horizons has seen does not bode well for the future of the series. Nintendo has clearly gone down a different direction with Animal Crossing’s newest title, especially compared to New Leaf. Instead of supporting online multiplayer with something like Tortimer’s Island, players can merely invite friends to their islands for visits. This, combined with all the content that has been stripped from the previous entries, reduces New Horizons to a shell of the series’ former self. There is no reason to assume that a sequel would be any better, especially if this lack of content is never addressed and Nintendo simply moves on to other things.

So, how excited will fans really be for the next Animal Crossing title? If Nintendo won’t provide content for this game, why should anyone expect future releases to be any different? And it’s not a lack of ideas or ability that’s preventing it – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gets frequent updates. Nintendo’s silence on New Horizons’ lack of content does nothing to reassure fans. The so-called new updates for this year have just been recycled from last year with one or two new items or minor adjustments. It is unfortunate to have such a negative outlook on the future of such a beloved series. New Horizons is still an enjoyable game. The issue is that, with how things currently are, it is not as replayable or long-lasting as previous titles. If this is the direction Nintendo is taking the series, then a sequel will probably not fix these issues. Hopefully, with E3 and Nintendo’s Direct coming in the next week, some good news will be shared about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the game will receive a much needed update.

Why New Horizons Needs More Content Instead Of A Sequel Because there is so little to do in New Horizons, once the island has been decorated in Animal Crossing to the player’s satisfaction, there is little reason to continue playing. The everyday activities include digging for fossils, gathering resources, talking to villagers, and finding the daily message in a bottle. For players that have had the game for a year now, they most likely have already found all the fossils. The villagers have so little dialogue that most of it has been repeated several times. Once an island is completed, there is no need for crafting resources or DIYs, which is why a new update is needed.

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