New Horizons needs more than monthly events


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Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Through the use of online updates and a drip-feed of content, New Horizons seems to be aiming to draw out the longevity of the game by giving returning players reasons to keep coming back – however, major updates for Animal Crossing are few and far between, and oftentimes Nintendo’s small updates don’t provide enough content to coerce fans to pick up New Horizons again, especially if it’s been months since they last played. Returning to the game on a daily basis may feel pointless and, to some players, even boring.

Related: Animal Crossing’s 2021 May Day Maze Explained Expanding the island in New Horizons or adding in additional customization options is also something Nintendo needs to focus on. Players who have achieved the highest star rating for their Animal Crossing island may find themselves unwilling to extensively change it, and when new furniture is added to the game, it runs the risk of cluttering up an island that players may already be happy with. While the addition of more furniture options would add customization to the game, without more space many fans will opt not to make use of new items.

Interactions with villagers in the Animal Crossing series isn’t exclusively limited to just conversing with them. Villagers can ask to visit the player’s house and run errands for them. In New Horizons, this type of interaction is limited. Once daily resources have been gathered, players aren’t left with much to do other than talking repeatedly to the villagers on their island. Increasing the frequency of daily events and adding in new Animal Crossing villager interactions would give fans a reason to return more frequently, as the game would have more variety. Given that Nintendo has been opting to repeat monthly events on an annual basis with minimal changes, many Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans choose to skip instead of repeat them. By focusing instead on island expansion and day-to-day gameplay additions, Nintendo can find more effective ways to bring players back into the game.

What New Horizons Needs To Add Though players may initially find themselves with lots to do, between cleaning, upgrading and customizing their island, the lack of furniture content in New Horizons means that the game’s crafting system grows pointless quickly. And, once a 5-star rating has been achieved on the island, the game lacks any major goals for fans to work towards. Rather than focusing on monthly Animal Crossing events, Nintendo should work on improving the day-to-day gameplay of New Horizons and introducing new goals for long-time players.

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