Friday, January 27, 2023
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New Real Estate Investment Matchmaking App by Private Money Club is Launched

Private Money Club, aptly defined as a dating app for real estate dealmakers, will introduce a new app that will make it easier than ever for individual investors and real estate entities of all types to collaborate in the pursuit of new-age wealth creation.

“Private Money Club is the wealth of the future,” stated Chris Naugle, PMC’s founder and CEO. “We’re essentially a dating app for people looking for the finest real estate deals, whether they want to borrow or lend.” Our objective is to establish a trustworthy venue in which dedicated partners can take control of their own business agreements. I like to argue that money speaks — and we understand it.”

Private Money Club returns power to individuals by granting them access to opportunities that were previously only available to institutional investors — everything from rental properties to AirBNBs to huge commercial ventures. PMC is revolutionising business courtships and presenting astute lenders with a new means to produce long-term, high-yield income.

The new app, which will debut on Oct. 14 with a live broadcast from Sundance Resort in Utah, will make it easier for borrowers and lenders to find and connect with partners who share their specific interests while negotiating their own transactions.

The PMC platform empowers members to own their profit margins by removing the middlemen from the process.

“It’s been a pleasure to be a member of the Private Money Club,” stated PMC member Colleen Brown. “Both borrowers and lenders attend training to ensure that we all understand the complexities involved.” I’ve already made substantial investments that I didn’t have before joining.”

“We’re all about disintermediation,” added Naugle. “The brilliance of what Private Money Club offers is that people can earn returns on their investments that are often expected by commercial lenders.” Individual borrowers have never had access to returns like this previously. This procedure has the potential to transform the way business transactions are conducted.”

The new app includes training resources to guide members through the best practises for securing project funding and to prepare lending investors for the complexities of lending on real estate development. Investors can review the profiles of the borrowing members and browse a library of potential projects to choose those that best meet their long-term wealth objectives.

Naugle, a former professional snowboarder, has attained success and national renown as a money mogul. He has founded and owned 19 enterprises, with Forbes, ABC, the HGTV show “House Hunters,” and his own HGTV pilot highlighted in 2018. Naugle, a sought-after national speaker, has handled tens of millions of dollars in assets in the financial services and advising industry, as well as real estate transactions. Naugle established PMC in 2021 as a network to help like-minded borrowers and lenders find the finest investment opportunities. To date, the total dollar value of PMC-generated partnership deals exceeds $50 million, with active deals exceeding $26 million. So far, the largest transaction has been a $19.5 million land development venture.

Listen to Private Money Club CEO Chris Naugle during the Oct. 14 livestream debut for more information about the app’s details and potential opportunities.

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  • New Real Estate Investment Matchmaking App by Private Money Club is Launched
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