Nintendo blocks Game & Watch hacker videos

Nintendo blocks Game & Watch hacker videos

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Nintendo has filed two copyright claims against videos of a YouTuber who hacked the 35th Anniversary Edition of Super Mario Bros. from his Game & Watch handheld.

The device launched in November as part of the franchise’s anniversary and includes both the original NES game and its Japanese sequel, known in the West as Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

A YouTuber going through the ‘Stacksmashing’ handle is among those who hacked the device to run other games, including the original Legend of Zelda, the first generation Pokémon games, and the classic Doom shooter.

He posted videos demonstrating this but revealed via Twitter that two of his videos have been the subject of copyright claims and are no longer available for viewing.

While the Content ID system used on YouTube to identify copyrighted content is generally automatic, Stacksmashing noted in another tweet that these videos were manually targeted by a Nintendo representative.


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