Nioh 2 goes all-in-one on PC settings

Nioh 2 goes all-in-one on PC settings

Developer Koei Tecmo goes all out for the Nioh 2 PC port. New trailer for Nioh 2 – Complete Edition provides a preview of what PC gamers can expect when the tough Souls-like game arrives in February, ending its PlayStation exclusive.

The PC version of Nioh 2 supports some of the best performance-enhancing monitor technologies on the market today, including HDR, 144Hz refresh rates, and screen resolutions up to 4K. You will be able to change the settings as you like: the game supports full screen and borderless window modes, has an adjustable render resolution scale, and allows you to set frame rate limits, among other settings PC specific. If you’ve got the hardware, Nioh 2 will also support ultra-wide screen monitors for that truly cinematic presentation.

While Nioh 2 is definitely the kind of game we recommend playing with one of the best PC controllers out there, you purists will be happy to know that it also supports keyboard and …

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