Wednesday, October 20, 2021

One of the most requested functions has been added to Android

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And it was simply because Android Auto lacked dual-SIM support, essentially using the default SIM whenever the driver wanted to initiate a new call.

So this week, the Mountain View-based search giant announced a new Android Auto update that will bring dual-SIM support for everybody out there.

The first time I wrote about how important dual-SIM functionality is for Android Auto users out there was in the spring of 2020, and as it turns out, Google heard the message and started working on this feature.

In other words, once this update is released, which Google says should happen in the coming weeks, users will be allowed to select what SIM they want to use when making a new phone right from the head unit in their cars. The experience will be as straightforward as possible and will be activated automatically when Android Auto detects a dual-SIM phone.

Clearly, this is a massive improvement, especially because the number of dual-SIM phones is also growing. Google’s very own Pixel line of phones also comes with dual-SIM support using a physical SIM and one eSIM setup, and most likely, the upcoming Pixel 6 projected to launch in the coming weeks will use a similar approach as well.

In theory, the whole thing should work with both standard SIM cards and eSIM, so no matter the mix and whatever dual-SIM system is enabled on your phone, it should work on Android Auto too.

Google hasn’t shared a specific ETA as to when the new feature is projected to go live for users out there, but you should obviously keep Android Auto up-to-date to make sure you’re always getting the latest improvements, be they new features or bug fixes and optimizations.

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  • One of the most requested functions has been added to Android
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